Coverage by Palestinian News Agency - WAFA

Ramallah 17-5-2010
Wafa News Agency

The Municipality of Ramallah inaugurated today a street in Ramallah after Dr. Hanna Mikhail (Abu Omar), with the participation of members of his family and friends.

This activity was part of an important project in which the municipality of Ramallah is implementing in order to revive the Palestinian memory and honor its heroes and freedom fighter.

The mayor of Ramallah Janet Mikhail said on this occasion: “In appreciation of the legacy of the great persons the likes of Mikhail, the Ramallah Municipality saw necessary to honor them by naming its streets after them, in appreciation of their sacrifices for their country and its cause.”

Mikhail added: Abu Omar is a Palestinian hero who sacrificed a lot and was committed to the principles of democracy and humanity and the defense of peace and the right to a free homeland.

Jehan Helou, the martyr’s wife, paid tribute to Dr. Mikhail’s sacrifices in fighting oppression and in promoting of human values which left a rich legacy in the Palestinian memory.

She added: "Hanna was very modest, dedicated, with human depth and a democratic nature, combining the determination to struggle with human gentleness.

Thus, Abu Omar has enriched the journey of our struggle, with his thought and ideal practices. The noble human values which he cherished and personified remained alive; thus sending hope into the hearts of all Palestinian activists."

Helou said “the bearers of the names of our streets, the makers of our history and culture, are guarding us and their eyes watch us every day and every hour to see where we have reached in the journey of liberation and building our country.

Helou drew attention to what the thinker Edward Said said about Dr. Mikhail: he represents a distinguished role model, a man who did not debase himself or his people. Why? Because he lived his ideas, and died for them...

It is to be mentioned that Dr. Mikhail was born in the city of Ramallah and completed his elementary and secondary studies in “Friends” school, he got his Ph.D in political science from the University of Harvard in the United States, and taught in the universities of Princeton and Washington.

He joined the Palestinian revolution in 1969 and worked in the Palestinian Research Centre and the Palestinian Planning Centre. He left many writings about revolutionary work and the Palestinian cause, and at the height of the civil war in Lebanon in 1976 he disappeared with nine members of the resistance movement.

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