Saigon Cu Chi Hochi Minh

From Saigon the filth is gone

Yank and puppet have been thrown

In one lump in history’s dump

Masses are the winning trump

On the day of liberation

Hearts were filled with jubilation

A new era’s ushered in

Saigon now is Ho Chi Minh.

In Cu Chi plain yanks changed terrain

To bolster power in the wane

Burned the fuest to blush out

Red guerillas and to route,

But the party’s resolution

Was not slow in its solution

A mass line of great coherence

Did dictate the close adherence

Of the masses to the land

And the cadres underground

Escalated the resistance

With daunted persistence

The response, annihilation,

Foiled imperial machination

All pushed on to Saigon

Final victory soon was won

Hanoi, November 1975

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