Children’s Dance

A guile as a ballet dancer

Was the special unit’s panther

Graceful as a flying bird

In close combat hand to hand

‘Tis not easy to perceive

What good training can achieve

The time was late

Approaching eight

The season fall

The shadows tall

Our luck

The bus

Was stuck

On the outskirts

Of Hanoi

What a joy!

Children screaming

Great delight

Faces gleaming

Eyes too bright


Filled my ears


Loud and clear

Expressing welcome

To comrades dear

A moving sight

Of pure delight

The twinkle in their eyes

The joyous screams

Tell of youthful hope

And bondless dream

The choice of words is no obstacle

In the land of hammer and sickle

Response of children does astound

Hand in hand formed a ring

As we turned round and round

All in unison will sing.

Vietnam Vietnam

Vietnam Vietnam

American bum!

All tumbled to the ground

High rose the mumbling sound

Of merry laughter,

Girls came after,

Though more reticent

On sharing were bent.

Came the moment to depart

As we heard the buses start

Would the moment I could capture

That did fill my heart with rapture

Warm embraces no surprise

High and firm the hands did rise

At the top of our voice

Chanted slogans of my choice

Vietnam Palestine

Vietnam Palestine

Source of inspiration,

Boundless admiration,

Ball of fire.

No desire

For common obsession

With private possession

Hanoi, November 1975

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