He was Profound in his Thoughts, Feelings and Vision.

I was happy to know about the launching of the memorial of the Palestinian intellectual revolutionary Hanna Mikhail, Abu Omar, the brother and dear friend whom I will never forget.

Your love and loyalty in keeping alive the memory of your life companion after all these years and events made me happy. I feel sad that he is no longer with us in our homeland. You very well know that he is not your alone, but he is for all Palestinians.

I still remember our long gatherings in Beirut…

After the defeat of the Arabs in 1967, Hanna decided to leave America: the libraries, the university halls and the easy and comfortable life, to become Abu Omar the freedom fighter who gives everything and takes little.

He told me: I listened to everyone but I chose Fateh, “they talk in simple everyday language” spoken by our country people. People will understand their message easily without the vague expressions and difficult ideological words.

How simple and humble was your wedding! How simple and humble was your home together! I remember our celebration days after your wedding.

He used to receive a small and humble sum of money from the Movement and return what he did not spend. Everything in his new life in Beirut was simple. He was profound in his thoughts, feelings and vision. Clear and simple in his discussions and in his presentations. He was as clear as the sun. He was a unifier who would grab any idea that unifies and motivates people to work collectively and shuns disagreements. He was loving and modest. He was loved by everyone.

Whenever I come across people who see in national work an opportunity for material or moral profit, I remember Abu Omar. I wish he remained with us to be the living role model of a combatant who gives without limits. Whenever I hear speakers with big empty words and complicated analysis that no one understands, I remember the easy communicative language of Abu Omar. And whenever I feel the aloofness, superiority and arrogance some of these speakers who believe themselves to be leaders manifest, remember Abu Omar the simple and modest leader we all miss.

May this electronic website keep alive the memory of a role model and a human being.

God rest the soul of Hanna Mikhail Abu Omar.

Palestine- January 10, 2012

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Dr. Nabil Shaath is one of the main Palestinian leaders and a member of the Central Committee of Fateh movement.

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