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Comments Received

Alf mabrouk for the website on Abu Omar! It is beautiful.. a dream come true. I just received the issue of Palestine studies with your article this morning (what a coincidence)! I will read it today…

Mai Masri

Wonderful news, let me know if I can be helpful.

Professor Fouad Moughrabi

Thank you it is very beautifully done. Congratulations. How are you? Hope all is fine with you.

Afaf Abu Nahleh

Thank you Jehan for sending me the website. I went through it quickly and it seems very interesting . I like the family -memories about Abu Omar. I will send the website to my friends.

Hanan Wahib

Alf mabrouk. This is a very good beginning and a useful start.

Hasna Rida Mikkdashi

The website is an impressive work. When it is ready we will link to it.

Tony Simpson (Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation) I should check that

Congratulations!! A very nice and rich website that sheds light on Abu Omar. It also enlightens people about such heroes who go unnoticed . I see this as an important way to reveal more and more about them to people and school children . Good luck and great work.

Maha Shihadeh

This is very nice, Jehan. Congratulations
May his life remain an inspiration to the new generations

Rima Tarazi

Wow Jehan, very impressive work!

Sana al Khayyat

It is good that the Hanna site is now complete. It also sets an example for similar sites for intellectual martyrs.

Professor Farhat Ziadeh

I only knew Hanna when we were just school boys. It was therefore with great interest and pleasure reading about his life and accomplishments as an ADULT and particularly details of his service in the Palestinian cause.

I enjoyed reading the "Palestine-studies" write-up tremendously and viewing the memorable pictures of my boyhood friend as a grown man.

Nabih Totah

I remmember that day in 1976. God bless them all. Fi Jannat alna3eem.

Khaled Kaddoura

Dear May

As you well know…The Martyrs never die.Our great Mentor, Teacher, Professor and Revolutionary HANNA MIKHAIL (ABU OMAR) is now back on tra. His great and most wonderful book is not to be read but carefully studied. He was a prophet. May his soul rest in peace and long live the soul of our Martyrs.#I envy you being the sister of Dr Hanna Mikhail.

Jabra Khoury

It is great dear May, I read it and wanted to call you! I envy you and Hassan for knowing him in person ! His extraordinary biography confirms my belief that our people’s spirit is like his, immortal.

Razan Suayter

Comments on Jehan Helou’s article about Abu Omar which was published in the Journal of Palestine Studies (in Arabic) in issue no. (89, winter 2012).

حنا ميخائيل (أبو عمر): سيرة مناضل وإنسان عصيّة على الاختفاء

مقالة نشرت في "مجلة الدراسات الفلسطينية"، العدد 89 (شتاء 2012).

Yesterday after midnight, after 2 a.m. the first hours of the year 2012, I was reading the IPS magazine, the Arabic one, it’s not in the market, but I got it from the IPS…. was sleepy enough, but I said let me go thru it. There I found you, with that wonderful article about Abu Omar, I started reading, could not resist, but I was no more sleepy, and finished it all. I enjoyed reading it that much, so nicely written with grace and honesty, you gave a full picture of the great man, pleases go on writing.

Bayan al Hout

When I opened the website we received from Janan, it was like finding a treasure. Salah Salah( the Magazine manager) was very excited when he read all the material you had on Abu Omar’s website. Tonight we had a staff meeting to review the subjects and various topics I had for publication; we all agreed that in the coming issue of May/Jun 2012 we will publish about three pages in Arabic from your Arabic writing and one page in English with his bio and the references written about him by his colleagues. We also will dedicate about five pages of both Arabic and English in the following issue of Jul/August, emphasizing the website with all the history about his altruism and magnanimity. I hope the articles will not open memories and wounds, but I think our Ramallah people and the Palestinians should know about his great sacrifices and keep his legacy in the history of our beloved Palestine.

Hala Ajluni

Executive Editor

Salah Salah

Magazine manager

Hathihe Ramallah Magazine

American Federation of Ramallah -Palestine

Wonderful article. You certainly did him Justice. Nobody could have said it better. You, also, are very special. (I guess birds of feather flocked together.) God bless you and keep you.

Joyce Hanna

This is such a wonderful article! It does a lot to show the ethics ,values and morals that he practiced in his struggle for the liberation of all people from greed, lack of vision and equality. His integrity is a great example for all.

Jean Zaru

Thank you Jehan for sharing. It seems like yesterday. He will always be alive in our heart.

Janan Bateh

Very well written article by Jehan....you get inspired and touched the more you read and know about Abu Omar but we saw that traits that Jehan described in our late teta Aziza when she lived with us in Amman

Ramzi Khoury

I got a chance to share Jehan’s article with my family, a few friends, and I had the girls read it and learn about Khalo Hanna’s life. Khalo Hanna lives on forever in our hearts and minds, we have learned a lot from his "story", though we are still under occupation but our people believe in freedom and justice and are able to tell the world our story ... we will have a country of our own and peace one day ... I hope during my lifetime.

Rania Esau

Great article. I enjoyed every bit of information in it, be it ’nidal’ or personal. The article is well structured and written in an attractive manner that catches the reader’s attention. You beautifully summarized his rich life and humanitarian character. I suppose writing about Hanna was a great inspiration to you. I am sure anyone who knew Hanna or knew of him will enjoy reading it and might ask you for more.

Amal Karam

What a beautiful article. It is informative about Abu Omar al munadel and Abu Omar the person. A great personality in all aspects. The ending sent goose bumps up my spine. You and him are a national treasure.

Hale Helou

I read it this morning and was struck by the simple yet eloquent style that summed up his life beautifully and made him feel more real to those who never knew him than ever.

Zeina Karam

Very nice article .. I guess you too found a way to beautifully narrate Ammo Hannah’s life in a short few pages. It gives us a small window into the life of Abu Omar with its major highlights. Thanks again for sharing all this with us. It makes us somehow feel connected to the man who is long gone but never forgotten.

Raghida Helou

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